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Sights from the East Austin Art District Tour

The 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austincame to a close on June 8. We know attending an SEGD Conference is an amazing opportunity and not everyone in our industry is able to attend on an annual basis. Your Raleigh Chapter Co-Chairs decided to bring little bits of the conference back to you, by sharing our individual perspectives in a 3-part series, kicking-off today and rolling-out in the next few weeks.

Next up, Allison:

Part 2: Austin Weird

Many times the annual SEGD Conference has led me to a new city where I don’t know what to expect. This year, however, I was thrilled to return to Austin and have a chance to take in its amazing “Keep Austin Weird” culture. And what better way to take in the weird like a tour of an art district?

The first stops - Broad Studios and Canopy Austin - featured the studios and maker spaces of local artists working in the mediums of textiles, ceramics, fabric dying, metalsmithing, and more. It was so tempting to buy one of everything!

The later stops - Polis, Infinite Monkey Theorem, and Native Hostel - featured vibrant street art and murals. Street art is a great way to discover new artists - don’t forget to look for the artist’s handle! - and find some fun selfie backgrounds. The rainy weather turned our walking tour into a bus tour, but it couldn’t dampen our spirits. I came away from the experience energized and inspired to use these bold graphic styles in my EGD projects this year.

And speaking of inspiration, be sure to check out the great work that was featured at this year’s conference:
Achievement Awards Ceremony
Global Design Awards Ceremony
SEGD Talks videos
If you weren’t able to attend the conference, the videos of all the speakers are available here for free to all members as long as they sign into the website.

Broad Studios: @broadstudios
Canopy Austin: @canopyaustin
Polis: @polis_hq
Infinite Monkey Theorem @infinite_chimp_atx
Native Hostel: @nativehostel

-By Allison Harris, SEGD Chapter Co-Chair, SEGD Member since 2014.

All photos by the author.

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