Conference Perspectives

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Conference Perspectives

The 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austincame to a close on June 8. We know attending an SEGD Conference is an amazing opportunity and not everyone in our industry is able to attend on an annual basis. Your Raleigh Chapter Co-Chairs decided to bring little bits of the conference back to you, by sharing our individual perspectives in a 3-part series, kicking off today and rolling-out in the next few weeks.

First off, Elizabeth:

Part 1: Remember When You Were a Design Student?

The 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austinwas an informative and inspirational week was filled with tours, presentations, round tables, products and design awards. But did you know that the day before the official conference kicks-off, there is a FREE event that is guaranteed* (in my opinion*) to bring inspiration and a breath of fresh air to your perspective as a designer and design-leader? SEGD’s annual Academic Summitis a forum where trends in design education, research, projects and curriculum, are presented to the SEGD community. These curated presentations are selected through a peer-review process by the SEGD Academic Task Force.

When we were design students, the main parameter we had to adhere to, above anything else, was time – a set deadline for your project as defined by the professor. But typically, the design solution had no budget assigned to it. The possibilities were wide open to be as creative in your proposed solution as your mind would allow, without being limited to the fees associated with technologies, research, data and design.

Obviously, we need a happy medium between being a professional designer (who might feel a bit jaded or limited by tightly bound budgets) compared to a student where the budget is non-existent for proposed concepts allowing high design, research, technologies and extraordinary creativity to flourish. This is the ideal balance what we, as design practitioners, are all aiming for on a regular basis. The Academic Summit brings you back to your roots and offers a reminder of the student-mode of thinking, which is quite liberating.

"You walk away from that day thinking about what little morsels of the expansive design-concept solutions you can take back into your daily design-mode. What new lessons in technology can be tweaked and implemented at an affordable level to create the best design solutions for your clients."

If you already plan to join 2020 SEGD Conference: Experience Portland, fly in a day early to be enlightened at the Academic Summit. Whether you have the opportunity to attend the whole day or just a handful of sessions, your mind will thank you for expanding your horizon as a creative.

-By Elizabeth Griswold, SEGD Chapter Co-Chair, SEGD Member since 2005

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