Comcast's Studio Xfinity in Washington D.C.

Comcast's Studio Xfinity Washington D.C.

Gensler designed the flagship space to reflect the company’s brand promise while being able to adapt to future growth in the tech marketplace. By providing a comfortable hospitality feel, customers can learn and test products in a setting similar to their home environment.

Comcast blue is featured in the entrance tunnel, on the furniture and in the lighting, setting the tone for customers to experience the brand color at every touchpoint. The store is designed around the customer length of stay, featuring three identified spaces—The Stage, The Workshop, and The Lounge. Each space has its own visual character and interactive technology. The space integrates technology and hospitality elements including a full-service coffee bar and charging stations throughout.

The store is also designed to offer an immersive digital experience, including a 350-square-foot LED screen overhead, digitally wrapped columns and embedded lighting inside translucent walls. The lounge invites customers to stay, rest and be entertained by a 20-foot wide LED screen displaying entertainment from NBC Universal Content.

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