Colite Rolls Out New Brand

Colite International (Columbia, S.C.) has rolled out a new brand mark and website. The sign manufacturer and brand conversion services provider worked with Columbia-based ADCO and Elephant Ear Design on the new logo and website.

Established 60 years ago, Colite has based its manufacturing and operations in Columbia, but collaborates with strategic partners in every region of the world to work with brands such as Microsoft, Gap, Dell, Holiday Inn, Merck, and Victoria’s Secret.

“Our everyday activities involve the brands of other companies and applying signage and graphic elements around the world while protecting the integrity of their logos and brand guidelines," says Marty Brown, Colite CEO. "The time was right to put that in-house knowledge and experience to work refreshing our own brand. We're very excited about the new look and how it connects our past with where we are today, and where we want to go in the future.”

Colite President Peter Brown added, “The look is very attractive with an environmentally fresh look that will allow us to enhance our brand recognition worldwide while maintaining a connection to our heritage. It also communicates a more modern and innovative image as we explore future opportunities in other industries such as lighting and energy solutions for our customers.”

The website is

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