Cody Clark Joins RSM Design in Los Angeles

Cody Clark Joins RSM Design

RSM Design is excited to announce that Cody Clark will now be leading their new Los Angeles office.

With 25 years of award-winning experience, Cody joins as Principal and Director, looking to push boundaries with his experience as a global leader of Environmental Graphics. From industry leading projects to publications, speaking engagements and design education, Cody brings the kind of creative innovation RSM Design is known for.

Specializing in transmedia solutions that use platforms in wayfinding, environmental graphics and media-driven surfaces for mixed-use retail, residential, office, city/civic and hospitality projects, Cody is passionate about technology led experiences as the future of wayfinding. In addition, Cody teaches courses in Spatial and Branded Graphics in Environmental Design at the Art Center College of Design, as well as courses on Exhibition Design, Portfolio Studio, and Specialty Sponsored and Topic Studio classes.

Cody’s globally significant projects include: the city-wide wayfinding strategy for Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada; wayfinding and placemaking for the Zaha Hadid-designed retail component for Citylife, located in Milan, Italy; wayfinding for the museum inside the Harbour City Project in Pudong, China; and most recently, wayfinding for the Richard Meier & Partners Architects residential/hotel project located in Beverly Hills, California.

More information available from RSM Design.

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