Co-creating the Brand - Chang Lee

Co-creating the Brand - Chang Lee


Co-creating the Brand
Modelling the perceived authenticity in a branded environment through co-creation
Chang Lee, FIT Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design, Gallagher and Associates

Abstract from 2021 SEGD Communication + Place
The perceived authenticity from consumers matters for brands, because many studies  and articles show that perceived authenticity can affect consumers’ consumption  of the brands. This paper proposes a design framework with factors that can be  considered when designing a branded environment. Brands can apply this framework  to their space and build an authentic image for their consumers effectively.

If we examine Starbucks in relation to the local communities, there is a discrepancy  between the intention of the brand and the perception of the brand from the  communities. This paper exemplifies Starbucks to highlight a case where a brand’s  impact aligns with its mission, through the branded environment. Experience  design promotes a more positive image of Starbuck, a community supporter.

The paper is arranged in two sections. The first is the thesis, “Modelling the perceived  authenticity in a branded environment through co-creation” which explores how brands can achieve perceived authenticity from the consumers through the experience design. The second section describes a proposed project, “Starblocks”, an application of the  thesis into a real venue to test how the thesis works and can be visualized for the brand. 

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