Cloud Gehshan Associates Historical Society of Pennsylvania building Project

Photo of Historical Society of Pennsylvania electronic signage

Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia), in collaboration with SaylorGregg Architects, designed an electronic visitor information and donor recognition system for the lobby of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania building. The display includes images from HSP's vast collection of archival, genealogical, and historical information. The digital storytelling walls were designed to be a renewable showcase, creating a welcoming environment for members, donors, and historians.

Excavation is underway at the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial site in Washington. The first memorial dedicated to more than 3 million American veterans living with permanent disabilities has begun construction. CGA designed the memorial's interpretive content in close collaboration with nationally known artist Larry Kirkland. Following extensive testing and review, 48 glass panels will be installed featuring powerful quotations and images of disabled American veterans.

In the reconstruction of the Atturaif district of Addiriyah, Saudi Arabia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), mud bricks are being used to rebuild the structures authentically. CGA developed a master wayfinding plan for the 58-acre district to help tourists and visitors navigate the labyrinthian corridors. The historic Atturaif district, expected to become a popular tourism site, includes major destinations such as the palaces of the first Saudi royal family, nine museums, and a sprawling souk. CGA also created an extensive placebranding program inspired by the Salwa Palace and designed for web, print, and signage application.

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