Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, FASLA
New York

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Christopher Nolan has primary responsibility for leadership of the Central Park Conservancy's physical planning effort and execution of its restoration / renovation program.

His responsibilities include providing leadership and direction for: all physical planning, project development, public and regulatory approvals, project design and construction, and project management and administration. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining departmental and project controls and is the principal contract officer for major construction contracts.

Christopher Nolan collaborates with the President & CEO and other Vice Presidents to develop the organization’s operational objectives, and as a corporate officer, works directly with the Board of Trustees on committees including the Operations and Construction, Strategic Planning, and other committees, as required.

Christopher Nolan provides leadership and direction to program and project planning, establishes restoration and design goals, and ensures that the goals are met. In addition to the planned program of work, he directs repair and restoration efforts in response to unanticipated events that impact Park landscapes and infrastructure. He is responsible for the design, technical quality, production, management, and overall efficiency of restoration and construction projects, and conservation of the Park’s monuments and architectural/decorative features. Mr. Nolan develops and implements effective systems for work planning and financial control to ensure that the division and its projects operate within the approved budgets and financial policies. He strives continually to ensure that work is completed on time and within the allocated budget, reporting to the Board, President & CEO, and peers on the senior management team as appropriate when unanticipated circumstances impact project budgets and schedules.

Since joining the Conservancy in 1989, Mr. Nolan has overseen a program of projects valued at greater than $200 million including such flagship projects as the reconstruction of the Great Lawn, the North Meadow, and Bethesda Terrace. He also has led several large-scale planning and design efforts such as the restoration of all five of the Park’s water bodies, the reconstruction of its 21 playgrounds, as well as campaign to restore the Park’s Woodlands.

Christopher Nolan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. He is a registered landscape architect in New York State and a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

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