Christina Harrell

Christina Harrell
Greenville, SC

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Christina Harrell is President of Jack Porter. a multi-disciplinary design firm in Greenville, South Carolina.

Christina Harrell founded Jack Porter with a vision of creating a design studio that would help clients push the boundaries of communicating their brand and telling their story within the built environment. Athletics are close to her heart as a former collegiate and professional level golfer. Nowadays, Christina takes the same drive, work ethic and determination she used on the golf course and uses it to help clients make their goals a reality.

Christina Harrell is the ultimate client advocate, ensuring that every aspect of the project from design through implementation stays on track and focused on the clients’ goals and brand. She is fiery and determined in everything she does. Nothing makes her happier that helping a client create an experience beyond their expectations.

When she’s not working or being a mom, she likes to pick up heavy things (aka. CrossFit), ski and paddleboard. 

View more of Christina Harrell's work at Jack Porter. Connect with Christina on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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