Christian Doegl

Christian Doegl is the Owner and Founder of uma usa corp in San Francisco
San Francisco

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Christian Doegl is the Owner and Founder of uma usa corp in San Francisco.

uma usa is the creator of the SKIN product, a unique product solution. When you walk past a wall with the SKIN product on it, it starts to react on you, presenting you with information based on your interests and allowing you, as an individual or group, to communicate easily. The information contextually evolves based on your interest and interaction.

The umaSKIN platform provides customers with a unique experience. The innovative approach of SKIN® is the combination of interactive and social media and multitouch installations into one highly adaptive and intelligent wall.

The social web has shifted power to your customers, allowing them to express resonance and interact. uma usa want to help you to leverage this shift and use it actively to your advantage. uma usa copr specializes in Digital Signage, Semantic Content curation, and Multi Touch Displays.

Christian Doegl's specialties include:

  • human computer interface
  • tangible semantics
  • architecture
  • virtual worlds.

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See Christian Doegl's products at uma usa corp.

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