CHK America Reports Unprecedented Usage for Transit Interactive Kiosks

CHK America Reports Unprecedented Interactive Transit Kiosk Use

As part of their commitment to helping transit agencies migrate efficiently to Smart Transit goals, CHK's America's Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks have been deployed in locations throughout Pittsburgh and Las Vegas—and have produced unprecedented usage numbers in the transit industry. 

Using Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks, transit customers can access real-time arrival information and plan their trip within the transit system, while being able to incorporate "first and last mile" choices like traveling by car, bicycle or on foot. In addition, the trip planning module allows the customer to interact with the mapping database, so they can search for specific places without having to do a trip plan.

Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks deployed throughout the Port Authority of Allegheny transit system boast monthly usage numbers for "route planning interactions" at 25,119, "trail blazer" interactions at 2,370 and "trip plans" at 1,177 on a single kiosk. "The functionality of our CHK ConnectPoint® kiosks gives riders the information they need, when they need it, and where they need it, leading to more confident riders who use our system more frequently," said Port Authority CEO Katharine Eagan Kelleman.

Las Vegas RTC Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks have tallied individual kiosk monthly usage numbers at 18,932 for "route planning interactions," with "trail blazer" and "trip plans" at 4,461 and 2,476, respectively. 

"We have worked diligently to make interactive, transit information fun and engaging for the customer and agency," said Rick Wood, president and CEO of CHK America. "As developed the effectiveness of our Connectpoint® Interactive Kiosks have been proven with these massive usage numbers."

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