China City Brand & Experience Design Summit

Join the SEGD sponsored CIty Brand Conference in Nanjing May 17-19
Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 9:00am to Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 5:30am


How might we design and brand Chinese Cities to reflect their culture, history, landscape, industries or economic characteristics?


Why should we brand cities?

The success of a cities brand directly relates to it's economic competitiveness and ability to attract young creative and innovative professionals to their city.  Its GDP, human resources and the level of happiness of its people are all related to how strong and differentiated a brand a city has developed over time.

As we enter the Experience Economy, where people are more interested in experiences than products or services, a cities brand becomes even more important that those of its products and corporate brands.  

A cities identity is reflected in the combination of its logos, graphic identity, signs, wayfinding signage, traffic signals, smart interaction systems, architecture, unique landscape and geographic setting, etc.  In order to build a strong identity for a city requires the work of designers from all disciplines.

Compared with western countries, China has a much longer history and it's cities are developing faster but it has fewer cities that are world famous.  Amazing skyscrapers, crossovers, high ways, etc., begin to all look alike in every city in China, making it hard to distinguish one city from another.

As China moves from an industrial to a services to an experience economy, it has the chance to develop city brands that will strengthen regional economies and provide tangible, visible reasons for young creative professionals to develop and move to cities that offer the type of cultural, creative and outdoor activities that they want to participate in.

City Brands represent the next wave of economic development within China.

Join us to learn more about what a city brand is, how to create them and the power that they possess economically. Hear speakers talk about the different ways they are supporting clients to develop City brands.

Learn more about the conference, speakers and register here.



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