Chick-Fil-A “The Deck” tour.

SEGD Atlanta had the unique opportunity to tour the Chick-Fil-A Headquarters IT Department called “The Deck.”  SEGD member and Graphic Designer Steve Dubberly with Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc. (SRSSA) along with Valerie Walker at APCO Signs and Franklin Cook with Chick-Fil-A Corporate Environments led the tour through the parking deck basement that was re-purposed to house Chick-Fil-A’s growing IT department.

From the entry, we are met with a large branded wall with the Chick-Fil-A red dimensional logo. The lobby utilized an overall monochromatic color scheme with modern accents alongside natural wood elements. Steve and Franklin touched on inspiration of the details in the design of the space and signage such as the “binary code pattern” used in a laminated glass wall graphics and signage backers, a special concrete wall with the entire company’s hand prints, a large wallcovering graphic installation designed with verbiage compiled from employees thoughts of what Chick-Fil-A meant to them and the projected wall wayfinding signage similar to that of street signs to allow for a simple way for employees to find each other in this large office. 

Valerie described the challenges that were met through the manufacturing and installation process of the room and wayfinding signage in this expansive space with high ceilings. As a pleasant surprise, Frank offered to continue our tour on to a more recent project where the signage, designed by Steve Dubberly and manufactured by APCO, was implemented in early 2015.  Our SEGD Atlanta group of about 25 were picked up by the Chick-Fil-A Campus buses and escorted across the main road to their Lincoln 100 building.  This warehouse facility was created for the new development and marketing for the company. The design in the overall space as well as the signage was much more colorful, graphic and playful, creating a very creative space for its occupants and visitors.  Accents such as bold painted orange duct work, skateboard inspired tiles, graffiti-like graphic backer in the room signage, and spaces such as “The Caboose,” “Squawk Box” or the “Ponder Pad” are there solely to inspire creative group activity or solo mind searching.  This event was a special treat for our SEGD Atlanta members with many thanks to Chick-Fil-A, SRSSA and APCO. APCO sponsored further networking over appetizers and drinks on the breezy porch at the nearby The Pig & The Pint.

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