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Chelsea Curry, M+A Architects

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Charisma, drive and magnetic-ism are three words that accurately describe Chelsea Curry. With a passion for energetic, clear, and inspired messaging through visual design, Chelsea creates graphics for print, web and environmental applications. She first spends time getting to know the brand, the audience, and the message before crafting imagery that defines and engages. Chelsea is a talented graphic designer who is as smart with her designs as she is creative. She designs compelling, cohesive designs while staying consistent through the details. Chelsea is also a driver of our M+A wellness program and overall corporate culture.

Chelsea Curry has learned the immense value that comes from simply having a positive attitude while being able to effectively work with people and creatively solve problems. Each opportunity has challenged her to constantly evolve her career path down, which has year by year uncovered a passion to create memorable experiences. Her background in landscape architecture, graphic design and marketing combined with experience in an architectural firm, fuels her creativity to not only create meaningful environmental graphics, but to think about an experience holistically as it relates to an exterior landscape, interior space, fleeting moment or permanent installation.

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