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Charles Fraresso, Christie

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These words from Benjamin Franklin, and those from Winston Churchill "We shape our environments, and then, our environments shape us" are foundational to understanding the value of immersive, interactive and connected digital experiences. Charles Fraresso is grateful to have learned and practiced his craft at leading organizations such as IMAX, Fakespace and Christie Digital.

Charles Fraresso's passion for architecture and design “place-making” since childhood was fulfilled in the mid-90s working with some great excellent architectural firms following graduation, and later transformed when he started at IMAX. The power of “suspension of reality” where the built environment served the purpose of “story telling” in the most immersive, three dimensional, and sound-spectacular ways ever devised was ground breaking. Further, getting international teams to understand and collaborate to achieve these heightened design specifications was equally rewarding.

From IMAX Charles Fraresso journeyed to Fakespace, the leading innovator of virtual-reality immersive environments where the immersive IMAX theater became a personal immersive experience. Rather than simply observing 3-Dimensional visual and auditory content, one could interact with 3D data models and transform their own understanding through direct physical interaction. Most recently at Christie Digital this journey embarked upon the worlds grandest experiences from simulators and virtual reality solutions to that of large-scale projection mapping, interactive and connected digital experiences. Charles' senior-management roles have been that of solution-architect, project manager, innovation manager, account manager working with the world’s leading organizations to advance the state of the art of experience.

All of these technologies, applications, human creativity, talent and passion all serve to achieve what we as a species since our beginning. To tell our stories. To change beliefs. To collaborate and better understand. To discover. To create. To transform. Venues do it to welcome and engage their guests, brands do it excite their customers, museums do it to cause awareness, scientists do it to discover, artists do it to evoke emotions, educators do it to experientially learn….naturally this is how we’ve always best understood, connected, and grown.

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