Charlea Ingram

Charlea Ingram is the Wayfinding & Signage Assistant Project Manager at HDR Architecture.

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Charlea Ingram is the Wayfinding & Signage Assistant Project Manager at HDR Architecture.

HDR Architecture designs to unite people and elevate the human spirit — and recognize that it's strongest when practiced from within. As a full-service firm that combines architecture, engineering, experience and many other related design services, collaboration is at the heart of what HDR Architecture does. HDR combines the expertise of various disciplines to approach projects from every angle. This rigorous process balances the needs of the project with the needs of the client — delivering solutions that last longer than style or trend.

This process is supported by HDR Architecture's use of design technologies, which manage and translate vast amounts of data into designs that can be tested and manipulated in real time. The advanced tools and activities employed by HDR Architecture (along with proprietary modeling and return on investment software) form a robust platform for project design and delivery.

Innovative architecture and design must change us, move us and allow us to become something new. HDR Architecture is motivated by the curiosity to investigate how that innovation can work across projects, places and people.

Before starting as the Wayfinding & Signage Assistant Project Manager at HDR Architecture, Charlea Ingram served as the project manager at Hilton Displays where she worked directly with multiple customers including Starbucks Coffee, Staples, and Luxottica Retail Group. Charlea also served as the Program Manager at Walton Signage.

Charlea Ingram graduated from the University of South Carolina Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Political Science.

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See her work at HDR Architecture.  

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