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Photo for the Members only Roundtable Event

November 7, 2013

The first in a series, the Members Only Roundtable was an informal, guided workshop session where chapter chairs worked with members to reveal new opportunities for the Vancouver Chapter. The findings from the workshop have been instrumental in developing an action plan for 2014 and beyond.

Would you like to take part in building and shaping the scene of Experiential Graphic Design in your city? Speak to one of the chapter chairs to learn more about ways you can contribute. See contact details at the bottom of this page.

Image for the SEGD UBC Tour

April 25, 2013

The stunning, state-of-the-art Pharmaceutical Sciences features a permanent exhibit titled “The Story of Medicines” that is comprised of both  historical artifact displays and touch screen technology. The exhibit hosts one of the largest video walls in North America.

In this event attendees experienced the space independently, and participated in a panel discussion

reviewing the project, scope and process. Discussion focused on the storytelling aspects and inspiration behind the building design and exhibits / the integration of technology into the building and exhibits / challenges faced by the project team and the strategies that were implemented to ensure success / key elements that were critical to executing the project vision.


Do you have an idea for an interesting event at an innovative location you would like us to organize?
Get in touch with one of the local chapter chairs, Daniela Pilossof and Danielle Bauer, they will be glad to take on the task. 


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