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Wednesday, May 7th - Design industry consultation for professionals designers such as graphic designers, industrial designers, architects, and landscape architects

City of Toronto Wayfinding Strategy Consultation on May 7 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Metro Hall, 55 John Street in downtown Toronto. Toronto's Wayfinding Strategy ( is in phase 2, pilot implementation in the financial district before the 2015 Pan/ParapanAm Games. From May 5-9, model wayfinding signs and maps will be on display in the Metro Hall Rotunda (on the main floor). The project team is keen to receive feedback from the design community and invite designers to attend this event to comment on the design development. Attendees are invited to meet in the Rotunda at 5:00 PM, and then head to Room 304 for a brief presentation by Fiona Chapman, Manager - Pedestrian Projects for the City of Toronto, and Phil Berzcuk, Director of Design at Steer Davies Gleave, and then an opportunity to offer feedback.


On Thursday January 23, the Toronto Chapter visited the CUMTR11 exhibit. SEGD members and friends met to network at Toronto's biggest alternative design event. 

About Come Up to My Room event (CUMTR11): 60 artists and designers are give full reign over Toronto's iconic heritage hotel, the Gladstone Hotel, creating 25 provocative installations. Staying true to its distinguishing off-the-cuff curatorial process rooted in urgency, risk, discovery and trust. CUTMR 11 encourages exhibitors to bend their discliplinary boundaries. Above all, CUTMR 11 celebrates the surprise of what's revealed in the final moments - the 11th hour - of the creative process.  



SEGD Toronto Stairmasters Event Dec13


Stairmasters Exhibit and Networking  


A visit to the Stairmasters exhibit, followed by an opportunity to connect and network with SEGD Toronto members afterwards at a nearby pub. Discussions around the upcoming events for 2014.  


Artscape Youngplace (Meet at the Youngplace Coffee Pub at 3:30).180 Shaw Street., Toronto, ON M6J 2W5 



About the exhibit:

Announcing a new era of creative intervention at 180 Shaw Street, the North, South and West stairwells at Artscape Youngplace have been transformed into site-specific installations. Often-overlooked architectural zones, the liminal, in-between and connective qualities of these spaces are expanded upon by artists with wide-ranging practices spanning animation, design, sculpture, book and film making. Using vinyl as their medium, these “stairmasters” playfully explore the material’s associations with signage, temporality and mutability, inviting viewers on an experiential ascent or descent as they explore Artscape Youngplace in its inaugural season. Photo: Debbie Adams, SEGD


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