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On October 26, join us for beer and pizza as we get inspired by industry makers! Creatives take the stage to walk us through their recent work in our Meet Your Maker speakers series hosted by ACIDO (Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario) and SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design). Arrive early to grab a drink and slice before the talks and stay after for the social. 


6:15 Doors Open, Registration & Networking
6:30 Opening Remarks
7:00 Maker Talks
8:00 Closing Remarks & Networking


Gareth Brennan, President & Founder | Eventscape Inc. 
Cam Wykes, President | Jacknife Inc.
Paddy Harrington, Founder | Frontier Magazine/Studio/Ventures


Umbra Concept Store

165 John StreetToronto, Ontario M5T 1X3



See you there! 


Our cultural partner's event this Saturday, May 13, 2017. The ACIDO Rocket Conference is open to SEGD members. If you are a young designer, or if you are looking to hire young designers, this event is for you.

ACIDO Rocket Conference - May 13th, 2017

Focused not only on helping young designers shape the future of their careers, ACIDO's Rocket Conference brings us together as a community of collaborators to better understand the future of the industry. For 15 years ACIDO's annual Rocket Awards has brought together the top industrial design graduates from each of Ontario's accredited degree programs. This year we're growing the event, making sure it's not just about competition, but convergence. The Rocket Conference provides a unique opportunity for new talent and established expertise to co-mingle. It's a day packed full of panel discussions, one-on-one portfolio reviews, and, of course, a party to wrap it all up. 

Full speakers line-up:

Dylan Horvath, President at Cortex Design, ACIDO
Steve Verbeek, VP Design and Innovation at Teknion, ACIDO
Cynthia Damar-Schnobb, Senior Associate at Entro, ACIDO
Barbara Spanton, Design Lead at Shopify
Stephen Field, Owner at SF Industrial Design
Alexis Eizinas, Industrial Design Manager at Array
Amandine Johnson, Sustainability Officer at Keilhauer
Lee Renshaw, Co-Owner of Rise Gear
Jennifer Allison, Founder of Art & Sole Academy
Sam Kennedy, Founder and Design Lead at Feltro

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After our last successful speakers series, we are back with more! Join us to hear relevant industry speakers discuss this year's topic: CHANGE, in varying contexts. Followed by social networking, snacks and refreshments. Meet other designers, architects, fabrication experts, and students!

  • Event Schedule:
  • 6:00 Registration & Networking
  • 6:30 Opening Remarks
  • 9:30 Closing Remarks & Networking
  • Full speakers line-up:
  • Gary Walker-Kerr, Director. Haley Sharpe Design.
  • Christopher Moorehead, Director, Information Design. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
  • Norm Li, Principal. Norm Li.
  • Melissa Agostino, Creative Director, Partner. Sali Tabacchi Inc.
  • Nigel Smith & Helen Kerr, Partners. KerrSmith Design.
  • Stuart Keeler, Chief Curator, Manager. Museums & Traditions – Arts & Culture, City of Mississauga.


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Meet and greet with your Chapter Chairs: Cynthia Damar-Schnobb & Phillip Novak. Feb 28, 2017 at 6PM. Downtown bar (TBD). Non-members welcome! Email us to confirm if you are coming by Feb 24: [email protected] We'd like to meet you! 


Wall Writers (banner)

You are invited to the Toronto premier of Wall Writers!

Note: RSVP required, limited tickets:

Following graffiti's early days on the streets of NYC and Philadelphia in the 60's and the commercial crossover of street art in the 70's, the art form has since exploded into a global revolution of creative expression. Roger Gastman's documentary reveals the growth of the wall-writing movement that would eventually transform the way we view our cities and redefine the notion of public art around the world. Narrated by legendary filmmaker John Waters, Wall Writers features unprecedented access to the forefathers of graffiti with CORNBREAD, TAKI 183, SNAKE1, and more than two-dozen others, along with testimonies from the journalists, historians and politicians who bore witness to the largest art awakening of the 20th Century.  WALL WRITERS (2016): GRAFFITI IN ITS INNOCENCE
Director: Roger Gastman
Runtime: 78minTrailer: From director Roger Gastman—a producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop—comes Wall Writers, a documentary on graffiti in its innocence.Through unprecedented access to TAKI 183, CORNBREAD, and a host of other legendary writers, Wall Writers tells the story of a time when underprivileged city kids refused to keep lurking in the shadows, when the streets were so wild that fame and infamy became indistinct, when art became a democracy and self-promotion became an art. And the narration is done by John Waters!  DIRECTOR’S STATEMENTGraffiti has been a part of my life since 1991. When I was just getting into this world as a teenager, I always wondered where it came from and who started it. First, I should define what graffiti is to me: someone writing his or her name over and over in illegal places for the sake of fame. It’s worth mentioning that the media termed this ‘graffiti’ while the people doing it just called themselves writers. I mean American graffiti, not Egyptian hieroglyphics or political murals. So many people have claimed to be “the first” in the US over the years but when you do the math, it turns out they would have been four years old or something. Wall Writers: Graffiti In Its Innocence is my answer to that curiosity. It is an exploration and excavation of the people who started it all, unknowingly launching the biggest art movement of the 20th century, one stroke at a time. Unearthing thesewriters and telling their stories was a challenge — an obsession, even. The film took seven years of hardcore research and I kept the focus on Philadelphia and New York of the 1960s and 70s. This project and the accompanying book involved tracking down people known only by pen names, piecing together shreds of information like a puzzle and trying to document things that have long been erased -- literally. This film is my curation of a form that was widely reviled and largely undocumented. My goal really was to tell the story of the kids who started this movement — many who had been forgotten or are unknowns to the culture of today. I wanted to give them a voice and their rightful place on the historical timeline.-Roger Gastman

Thursday, 30 June 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (EDT)
Kingsway Theatre - 3030 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M8X


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