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Join us for an evening with Tube Art Group.

Our Portland Chapter Founding Sponsor and 2014 Sponsor is opening their doors for an evening tour and gathering. Meet the local group, enjoy refreshments and appetizers while you learn about fabrication techniques. We will see sign examples large and small, crane trucks and material samples. It is a hands on night to see, touch and ask questions. Come out to give Tube Art a big thank you for their support this year!

Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1946, Tube Art Group (TAG) is the largest family owned full service sign company in the Pacific Northwest. They focus on providing exceptional service and innovative manufacturing solutions for sign projects of all sizes. They offer a broad range of services, which includes the fabrication of architectural signs, electric signs, scoreboards and advertising displays. In addition to sign manufacturing and installation, Tube Art Group offers production design, permitting and project management.

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We had a great turn out for our recap of this year's annual conference, “Convergence: Crossing Lines”. Delta Cafe provided the perfect atmosphere and delicious southern-style treats to help us recreate the flavor of SEGD in Atlanta. Co-chair Mike Sauer led us through the conference highlights with a slideshow, and there was plenty of NEXPO swag to peruse as we shared memories and reconnected over cocktails.

Thank you Delta Cafe for hosting us, and thanks again to our sponsor Tube Art Group.

Delta Café  | 4607 SE Woodstock Blvd. | Portland, OR 97206

Come share your experiences or be inspired by others who attended this year’s annual conference, “Convergence: Crossing Lines”.

Join us at for cocktails or chicken & waffles and for a chance to reconnect. If you weren’t able to attend, this is a great opportunity to learn about the programs and speakers that were featured.

If you attend the conference in Atlanta and you’d like to share your favorite moments – contact Mike or Kathy. We’ll have a computer and projection screen for slideshows, memories, and inspiration.

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Sponsored by Tube Art Group.

319 SW Washington Street, Suite 820   Porland, OR 97204

A roundtable discussion with designers and educators. This month’s topic is design education.

Join us for a roundtable discussion focusing on the landscape of EGD/XGD education, and what current students need to be prepared for as they emerge into professional practice. Justin Molloy, SEGD Director of Education and Professional Development will lead a dialogue on what the shift in education means to practice and how SEGD is developing an expanded platform to prepare future and current designers for this evolution.

Design practitioners, educators, students, fabricators, and makers are invited to join in this insightful dialogue and how the community can support and be involved in this opportunity. We’ll discuss and consider the following points:

What are the new opportunities that exist for designers?
Why it is critical for educators and practitioners to be aware of these changes?
What will the typical EGD/XGD projects of the future will involve and look like?
How to integrate EGD/XGD core competencies into courses and curriculum?
What are the skills that practitioners are seeking now and what else should they look for?
What does the profile of a future EGD/XGD designer look like?
How can practitioners get involved in and support design education?

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Sponsored by Tube Art Group.

It was great to see some many people turnout for our March event at Second Story—especially with the nice weather outside. Thank you to Julie Beeler, Brad Johnson, Traci Sym, Daniel Meyers and everyone at Second Story for hosting the event.

They shared their approach to activating space through digital media and a discussion of technology changes and experiments evolving. Their projects inspired and wowed us. The evening ended with hands-on time to play in the Second Story lab.

Thank You Second Story!



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