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Join us for drinks and hors d'ouvres at Amri Studio

DATE: Thursday, July 21, 2016
TIME: 5:30-7:00pm
LOCATION: 1826-B NW 18th Ave. Portland, OR 97209

SEGD Portland invites you to reconnect with your peers, meet some new friends and get inspired! If you missed this year's national conference in Seattle, this is a great opportunity to learn more about what SEGD has to offer from local members who attended last month's exciting event.

We'd like to thank SEGD Member Amri Studio for hosting us. Learn more about their stunning glass work here and be at the party for a hands-on demonstration.

Tickets are available though Eventbrite

This event is free to SEGD Members and students - please RSVP throughEventbrite


Thank you to our 2016 Chapter Sponsor Security Signs and our Education Sponsor Center Pointe Signs

Principal artisan of the Andrusko Group, Pete Andrusko, has been working with Northwest Artist Scott Murase to develop a unique, iconic sculptural element constructed of locally sourced stone and wood for the reconstruction of the historic Seward Park Torii Gate in Seattle, WA.

2016Apr08 Proposed Seward Park Tori Maquette.jpg

On April 9th, 2016 a 1 in = 1 ft scale maquette was presented to the Friends of Seward Park to show in true, realistic, physical form how the natural basalt columns used in the proposed sculptural element are to be constructed and integrated with the cedar upper cap and nuki elements. A unique feature of the stone column design incorporated into the Torii is that the natural columns are to be milled to the correct diameter and tapered form, but will incorporate portions of the natural basalt crust & polygonal form as an integral part of the finished aesthetic.

The stones used in the construction of the maquette are actual, micro-columnar basalt elements sourced from a quarry in the Pacific NW that are approx. 3-4 inches in diameter. These stone forms were milled and fabricated in the studio by the artisan using a custom-designed complex lathe device; a machine that will need to be recreated in full-scale version to mill the massive single-piece columnar basalt elements proposed for the actual Torii which are expected to be approx. 28-32 inches in diameter & approx. 21 ft in height. All materials used in the construction are to be sourced from a Northwest quarry, the Torii upper and nuki elements are to be fashioned from cedar beams sourced in the NW.

The proposed sculptural design has been accepted by the Friends of Seward Park and is in the final stages of the capitol funding campaign. Construction of this unique, sculptural element is expected to begin in Fall of 2016.

Don't miss this inaugural event!

Inspired by similar festivals in northern Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and beyond, The Portland Winter Light Festival is a free, all ages, community-wide celebration illuminating the city's public spaces with installations by premier light artists and designers.

Join SEGD members and friends for the Light & Science Speaker Series, then tour the festival together.

Speaker Rich Burton will present at 5:15 at Theory inside OMSI: seating will be first come first served. No tickets needed. More info here.

We'll then tour the festival together and maybe get drinks afterward to continue the celebration!

There is no need to RSVP or purchase tickets. This is a free event.


Thanks to everyone who made our Spotlight: Security Signs event a great success!

At our first event of 2016, Security Signs (our 2016 Portland Chapter sponsor) was given the opportunity to introduce themselves to SEGD members and visitors. Kevin Keljo, President and CEO of Security Signs gave a shop tour of the 43,000 Sq. Ft. facility and explained the history of the company from it's earlier years (opened in 1925) and since his he and his parents, Tom and Carol Keljo, purchased the company in 1997.

Security Signs Tour

All of the visitors were impressed with quality of the signs on display as well as the space and equipment used to build the signs. Some were even impressed with the historic signs from yesteryear that were at various stages of restoration or recreation. 

If you missed this event and would like to know more, visit Security Signs here.

Security Signs Shop Tour


(Remember to join SEGD Portland on Tuesday, January 19 for a tour of this important facility. Drinks and hors d'ouvres provided. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite)

SEGD Portland is proud to introduce our 2016 Chapter Sponsor, Security Signs. Founded in 1925, Security signs has a longstanding legacy as a prominent sign provider in the Pacific Northwest. When Tom and Carol Keljo purchased the company in 1997, they revitalized it and expanded Security’s repertoire to include monument signs, channel letters, architectural graphics and wayfinding, among others. Under their leadership, and son Kevin Keljo (President/CEO), the company has grown from nine employees in 10,000 sq. ft. to a 48-employee shop that occupies a 43,000-sq.-ft. space.

Security Signs works on many types of projects across the nation and here in the Northwest. Carol notes that often, budget is the leading, or limiting, factor for many of Security’s projects. Value-engineering is always a goal.

“One of our project manager’s most important jobs is educating a customer about material choices and processes,” Keljo said. “There are plenty of ways for a dimensional sign to be made attractive, yet economical. For example, if your customer wants chrome letters for an interior sign, pre-fabricated letters with a chrome finish would be much more economical than a set of cast-chrome letters, yet still achieve the goal.”

Penny Diner Sign

The company fabricated a particularly challenging 3-D sign for the Portland Penny Diner, which references the coin that Frances Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy flipped to determine the city’s name in 1845. To lure people in to try the restaurant’s creative bistro food, owners wanted a bracket-mounted, rotating sign that projected from a corner on its exterior walls.

“When designing a dimensional sign, we balance the client’s wants against code allowances, site conditions and potential installation issues,” Keljo said. “In some cases, such as if the client logo incorporates a narrow font, we tell them that we’ll have to broaden it to properly illuminate it and accommodate serifs and other letter forms.”

In addition to creating new landmark signage, Security Signs has a hand in maintaining some of Portland’s most visible landmarks. The historic Hollywood Theatre was built in downtown Portland’s southeastern Hollywood District. This beautiful and ornate theater opened in 1926. When the theater’s Foundation wanted to revamp its deteriorating marquee, Security Signs was there to help.

Hollywood Marquee Sign Collage

The Hollywood’s marquee was updated during the 1970’s in an effort to “modernize” the theater and help it compete with mushrooming, multi-screen “cineplex” chains. The marquee remained operational, but fell into disrepair and was a poor match to the theater’s ornate Byzantine facade.

Consequently, the theater sought a design inspired by the original 1926 marquee. Fernando Duarte Design (Sacramento, CA), known for crafting marquee-restoration plans, designed the reimagined Hollywood Theatre sign.

Kevin Hallwyler, Security’s project manager for the job, learned of the marquee revitalization during its early planning stages, and established a relationship with Doug Whyte, the foundation’s executive director. Hallwyler’s frequent communication, plus Security’s longstanding local stature, helped our bid be successful. The Hollywood received several renovations, but anticipation was high for the marquee’s rejuvenation.

This community-based project received funding through Kickstarter and local donations. The opportunity to rejuvenate something historic and to be part of the community was enticing – Security Signs contributed to the project with an in-kind donation and was rewarded with the satisfaction of executing a project of this magnitude.

Hollywood Marquee Detail

Please join SEGD Portland on Tuesday, January 19 for a tour of this important facility. Drinks and hors d'ouvres provided.


Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite


This article was created from two previously published works and reprinted with permission by “Signs of the Times”. Click on the links below to access the full articles.

“Security Signs Takes Portland Diner’s Sign for a Spin” by Steve Aust

“Security Signs Revives Historic Theater With New Marquee” by Carol Keljo.


SEGD Portland on Tuesday, January 19 for a tour of this important facility. Drinks and hors d'ouvres provided. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite


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