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This past Thursday, we met up at the Free Library of Philadelphia to hear from the Association of Public Art and Greenhouse Media about the Winter Fountains Installation that we have all been seeing along the parkway for the last 4 months.

The Association for Public Art walked us through their objectives for this project, the planning, design and installation process for this project. Greenhouse Media shared with us the intricacies of the the digital components and the ongoing maintenance of the installation. Following the talk was a brief Q&A then we braved the rain to see the installation in person.

Of course the evening wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks, so to dry off we all headed over to the City Tap House to grab a few drinks.

We would like to thank all who contributed to this event. Thank you to the association for Public Art and Greenhouse Media for a wonderful and interesting presentation --we’re so glad we got to see and learn about these before the installation is gone. Thank you to Walton Signs for being our sponsor for this event. We are grateful for your support and generous contributions.  

Stay tuned for our next event!


by Keith Davis

The impression I get from most people on the subject of 3D Printing is they all think it's cool, it's probably the future, but honestly most people can’t put their finger on how it actually applies to them. 

Early adopters of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes are discovering a competitive edge in the changing manufacturing industry and I believe that there is a pending shift much closer to home in the sign industry leveraging these same technologies.

This is the foundation of a deep and targeted industry research initiative with designers and manufacturers to understand and explain the various types of additive manufacturing processes and how they will ultimately change the way we design, how we work and what we produce. A presentation on the initiative will take place at the ISA International Sign Expo next month in Orlando; it was recently highlighted as one of 6 must-see sessionsby Massivit3D.

The goals in presenting this research are to not only address a strong industry interest into what "Additive Manufacturing" is, but also increase the understanding of where it may go by providing the necessary context, information and dialogue surrounding the topic.

Fundamentals are timeless and transcend technology in every era. Take it all away and artists will still be artists. If anything is inevitable, it is change. I am excited to put this information out to not only advance the subject, but the industry as a whole and welcome any contributors to the initiative so feel free to reach out if you want to participate.  

Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their busy holiday schedules to connect with us for an exhibit Happy Hour at the Rosenbach Museum. It was wonderful to see some of our devoted chapter members again as well as meet some new members at this event.

We were introduced to the Dracula and Frankenstein exhibit and for many of us it was our first time at the Rosenbach. We enjoyed a panel discussion with Mary Ann Casey from Olive Tree Design, Liz Russell from Bluecadet, Judy Guston from the Rosenbach, all moderated by our very own Sara Pasch. We learned about Casey’s strategy designing the bold brand and large-scale exhibit graphics. Judy discussed how the content strategy for this exhibit on making science accessible came to be and the overall goal of shifting the audience demographic for the Rosenbach.  Liz talked with us about the development of their choose-your-own-adventure interactive that was designed to explore contemporary scientific issues through the lens of the 19th-century literary masterworks.

We are incredibly excited to have met so many students from local design programs. We had students representing design programs from Drexel, Thomas Jefferson University (PhilaU) and UArts! We hope to continue to see students come out to our events and benefit from connecting with local professionals. 

We would again like to thank Bluecadet for their food and drink sponsorship for the evening. We are grateful for your support and generous contributions. 

We wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to getting together at our next event in the new year!

SEGD Philly Exhibit Happy Hour

SEGD Philly Exhibit Happy Hour -- Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters, Modern Science

The Rosenbach Museum and Library is home to a collection of nearly 400,000 rare books, manuscripts, and fine and decorative art objects, including some of the best-known literary and historical objects in the world. With their latest exhibition, Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters, Modern Science, they entered uncharted territory - extending the themes in their exhibition into issues of modern medical and scientific ethics. An experimental exhibit and graphic design approach integrates the authors’ thoughts and illuminates the scientific issues and fears of the time. A unique interactive and filmic element allows visitors themselves to wrestle with today’s biggest scientific challenges.

Join us over snacks and drinks to visit the exhibition and learn more about how it was put together. Hear from Judy Guston, Curator and Director of Collections at the Rosenbach Museum, Mary Anne Casey, Designer and Owner, Olive Tree Design, and representatives from Bluecadet, about what it took to curate, design, and produce this exhibition - from caring for objects on loan, to scriptwriting and graphic design, to graphic and case production, to interactive development. If you’ve never been to the Rosenbach before, or it’s been a while, now is the perfect time to go! 

Wednesday 11/29, 6-8pm 

Rosenbach Museum, 2008-2010 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, PA

Free for SEGD members and students / $10 for non-members 

by L&H Sign Company

A situation was presented from the Arizona State University project, designed by Infinite Scale, with wanting a seamless weld not exposing any assembly hardware for some of their ID signs. This challenge meant we couldn’t grind down the welds because the structural integrity and engineering stamp would need to be valid. L&H Companies had to come up with an innovative way to join two surfaces at 45 degree right angles to create a virtually seamless square weld on the ID signs.

Working together with our welders, who have a combined 100 years of experience, we came up with a method to weld the aluminum channels together that allowed for the structure underneath to maintain its integrity and engineering stamp, while appearing on the outside as a seamless finish. The final result, an innovative ID sign that had zero seams on the exterior of it.

A second challenge was to fabricate two identical panels that would line up perfectly creating a seamless view on the pylon sign. Using our Flow Mach Waterjet, L&H Companies cut the detailed ASU pitchfork toppers which not only created a precise identical cut on both panels but saved time for the client due to its excellence in speed and accuracy. The Waterjet also took their branding element, the pitchfork, to another innovative level by highlighting it and creating an architectural feature embedded into the sign versus etching it plainly. It bought the pitchfork to life where you can virtually see through it to fuse with the environment around it creating a dynamic display.

The ID signs and pylon sign was an incredible success for L&H Companies pushing the barriers of what a fabricator can do with signs. With emerging design trends on the rise, it’s inherent that sign fabricators today need to respond with innovative engineering solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate with. When you select L&H Companies for your sign project, you tap into top-notch project management, an experienced crew of fabrication staff and installers, and the best equipment available. What does all that mean for you? Quite simply, we have the resources and experience to turn your custom ideas into solutions for a lasting innovative product that sets you apart from the rest.

The signs are now in their home for all to enjoy. To see more detailed photos on this project, please visit Go ASU!


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