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Minneapolis Chapter Event, St. Paul Saints game!

SEGD MSP Event: St. Paul Saints Baseball Stadium Event 

6:00pm-7:00pm  Pre-game picnic at the Midway Stadium's tailgating-Meet at location D

6:30pm-7:00pm  We will meet with TOM WHALEY, Owner/Executive Vice-President St. Paul Saints Baseball Club, to learn about the design of the new ballpark; the overall feel and fan experience; and how the stadium will blend into the community such as signage and tree locations. He will talk on the modern – upscale look, feel, and benefits to the surrounding neighborhood in the Lowertown Historical District. 

7:05pm-9:00pm Followed by a game at 7:05pm (The St. Paul Saints vs. the Sioux Falls Canaries)

Ticket includes: 1 Standard Meal at the Midway location D and a Left Field Reserved Game Seat

Food includes: Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Chips, & Soda/ Water

Beer available:  $1.00 Dollar Beer Nite!

Cost per ticket:  $26.00 each plus small online fee (SEGD Non-Members are welcome to attend at the SEGD-Member rates) 


 PLEASE RSVP on the Eventbrite site


Reservations and Ticket purchases must be ordered in advance by April 27th. No last minute add-ons will be available. 

This event is contingent on a minimum of 35 people. (Tickets and fees will be refunded if there are less than 35 attendees). Otherwise no refunds on your reservation.

Tickets are transferrable.

Friends and Family are welcome! 

Please print tickets and bring to the game.

Dress casually for comfort.

MCAD, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

What is EGD?

What is SEGD and how can I get involved?

Adam Halverson & Jesse Yungner ('01 MCAD grad) will give a brief introduction on SEGD to the design students of MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art & Design).

* This presentation is for students only

The Minneapolis Chapter Chairs, Adam Halverson and Jesse Yungner would like to help students eager to land a job in a creative field to know that Environmental Graphics exists and is an exciting and growing community. They are planning an educational presentation to MCAD in Feb 2014 with potential scholarship available to potential students.

Contact Adam or Jesse for more information or to get involved.


SEGD is the smallest, friendliest, most open design association. Join and find out what community really means!.