Chapter Chairs

Zach Kotel
Zach Kotel
Photograph of Despina Macris, Dot Dash
Despina Macris
Melasnie Hoang, Project Manager at Archetype Signmakers Inc., Minneapolis
Melanie Hoang
Karen Ryan
Gretchen Bustillos
Grady Brown Headshot
Grady Brown
Taylor Loutsis
Taylor Loutsis
Amy Rees, ex;it
Amy Rees
Jo Bailey, Massey University
Jo Bailey
Kayte Muse, Director of Branded Environments, Spagnolo Gisness & Associates
Kayte Muse
Headshot of Lucy Richards, SEGD Edingurgh Chapter Chair, StudioLR
Lucy Richards
Danny Roberts
Allison Harris, Architect, 310 Architecture + Interiors, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Allison Harris
Susan Mavor, PUBLIC
Susan Mavor
Phillip Novak, Cygnus Group
Phillip Novak
Hannah Olin, Environmental Graphic Designer at Gensler in Washington DC
Hannah Olin
Liza Rao, Gallagher & Associates, Washington DC Designer
Liza Rao
Kelley Bozarth, Little
Kelley Deal
Headshot of Brian Dyches, Open Eye, San Diego CoChapter Chair
Brian Dyches
Emma Wallace is an Experiential Graphic Designer at Little in Raleigh, NC
Emma Wallace
Carlo Giannasca, Frost*collective
Carlo Giannasca
Annelle Stotz, IA Interior Architects
Annelle Stotz
Kacey Bills, Project Coordinator, Shannon Leigh Associates, San Francisco
Kacey Bills
Christopher Smith, Executive VP, Gelberg Signs
Christopher Smith
T.J. Daly
TJ Daly
Nick Kapica
Julian Sin, Gould Evans
Julian Wiese
Barton Strawn, Infinite Scale
Barton Strawn
Headshot of Jesse Yunger, SEGD Co-Chair Minneapolis Chapter
Jesse Yungner
Headshot of Cynthia Damar-Schnobb, SEGD Toronto Chapter Co-chair
Cynthia Damar-Schnobb
Margaret Vennemeyer, BHDP Architecture
Margaret Lange
Soren Luckins, Director Buro North, Melbourne, Australia
Soren Luckins
Mo Khalfan
Mohamed Khalfan
Jangwon Ahn
Jangwon Ahn
Jim DeRoin, Boyd Sign Systems, Denver Chapter Co-chair
Jim DeRoin
Headshot of Daniela Pilossof, SEGD Vancouver Chapter Chair
Daniela Pilossof
Headshot of Angela Serravo, SEGD Denver Chapter, Tangram
Angela Serravo
Headshot of Simon Borg - Populous, SEGD London Chapter Chair
Simon Borg
Tristan Valencia, SenovvA
Tristan Valencia
Scott Muller, Charlotte Chapter Co-Chair
Scott Muller
Photo of Jack Bryce, Jack Bryce Urban Design
Jack Bryce
Headshot of Ben Whitehouse, W&Co, New York
Ben Whitehouse
Sarah Szekeresh
Sarah Szekeresh
Wu Duan, Associate Prrofessor, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Wu Duan
Elizabeth Griswold is a Senior Graphic Designer at Ewing Cole in Raleigh, NC
Elizabeth Griswold
Adam Wells
Adam Wells
Hannah Anderson, Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Hannah Anderson
Headshot of Chris-McCampbell, SEGD San Diego Chapter Chair, Kathy Davis Associates
Chris McCampbell
Photo of Brittney Butler, VMDO Architects
Brittney Butler
Elizabeth Skolmen
Elizabeth Skolmen
Sara Pasch, Bluecadet
Sara Pasch
Gretchen Cherrill, Airpark Signs & Graphics
Gretchen Wilde
Darlene van Uden, Infinite Scale
Darlene van Uden
Headshot of Julie Maggos, SEGD Chicago Chapter Co-Chair
Julie Maggos
Kris Helmick, Hunt Design
Kris Helmick
Steve Dubberly, Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Assoc
Steve Dubberly
Justine Lesmana
Justine Lesmana
Ellen Bean Spurlock, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Ellen Bean Spurlock
Chris Fato
Chris Fato
Joe Lawton
Joe Lawton
Nick Zuniga, Associate Project Manager, HDR Architecture, Omaha, Nebraska
Nick Zuniga
John Emshwiller, Gensler
John Emshwiller
Nick Bannikoff, Design Manager at Brandculture, Sydney
Nick Bannikoff
Frauke Bartels, Project Manager and Graphic Designer at the University of Texas at Austin
Frauke Bartels
Linzi Eggers, Cloud Gehshan Associates
Linzi Eggers
Austin Frith, Dallas Chapter Co-Chair
Austin Frith
Anthony Ferrarra, DesignConcernUS
Anthony Ferrara
Anthony Morrison, Element EGD
Anthony Morrison
Santiago Crespo
Lee Ater
Lee Ater
Samuel Pease, Boston Chapter Chair
Samuel Pease