Cassondra Wyant

Cassondra Wyant is a Senor Designer at the Image Resource Group in Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale

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Cassondra Wyant is a Senor Designer at the Image Resource Group in Fort Lauderdale.

As a highly motivated, self-starter artist, who strives to succeed in all she tackles, Cassondra offers the unique, innate ability to successfully integrate the skills of a traditional artist with the technical skills of a graphic designer.

Throughout her college career, Cass worked diligently in the pursuit of creating a small fine art business on the side, as a passion while working to obtain her degree. Initially attending college for fine arts, she discovered a perfect combination for her skills; art and technology which led her to excel in graphic arts.

Cassondra Wyant has also had the opportunity to expand her communication skills on a regular basis while working with new clients and many social interactions with new people. Having worked in a unique environment with persons with disabilities, she has learned more about patience, compassion, and an understanding of how to work with barriers whether that be language, comprehension, or alternative ideas. Cassondra Wyant has been humbled to have worked with different clients from various backgrounds which has led her to better understand the importance of diversity and awareness of the needs of the world around her and all that inhabit it. Her spectrum of awareness has grown every year with each experience not only in physical or mental differences of society, but also within generations in society. She took a position to tutor young teens in academics and aided as a resource to offer her advice in everyday struggles in their quest to become young responsible adults. This alone has taught her about herself as well, which she finds and holds to be one of her most valuable experiences yet.

Cassondra has a strong commitment to achieving the end goal and assisting in any capacity that she can. She is motivated by every aspect of her career and knows that it requires dedication and determination to succeed. She is a team player, but can also work well individually and independently.

Cassondra Wyant graduated with an Associates in Arts (AA) Degree in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media from the Northeast Iowa Community College and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media from the University of Dubuque.

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