Carol Lombardo

Carol Lombardo
Jacksonville, FL

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After taking a break from the design world, I'm excited to be back with a focus on improving our community through design!

I worked for many years as a graphic designer, culminating in a dream job at The Architects Collaborative,  the firm in Cambridge founded by Walter Gropius. There I got hooked on environmental and architectural graphics, because of the permanency and impact that such large scale design can make. What can I say, I like super-sized graphics and the challenge to really get it right because there's no hiding it! I retired for awhile to raise my family but missed this world, so I re-trained on the computer, got caught up on trends with my design buddies, and began to take on jobs again, mostly from area architects who're familiar with my work. The studio space I share with my design partner is in a renovated building that was the original studios of one of the most innovative architects in our city. We're free lancers, and work either together, separately, or with others, whatever the business needs. I like having control of the projects but I also like having great collaboration!

My work is a mixture of 2-D and 3-D graphic design, though I choose carefully to do only those projects that I want to think about day and night. I internalize my projects and take time to come to a solution, so a client gets a lot of thought for their money, and usually are extremely happy with the results. In fact, my clients should be overjoyed or else I'll keep working to achieve that goal! It feels great to be designing again, for you bring your life's experiences into your work as a designer,  which makes my work a bit deeper and more thoughtful than it used to be. I also like to to find a more artistic solution so that my work is more than just graphics. It works on many levels and different people respond in their own way. Most of all I want the solution to be a very meaningful part of the environment, so as to enhance and fix some of the messes that have been made in the past!

Volunteer Activities 
I have a daughter with autism so I'm very involved with her life, and the lives of those who are in our situation. Seven years ago I started a program for students on the autism spectrum, to have a true museum and artistic experience. Today it's fully funded by local philanthropy and serves hundred of school kids each year. It was a true labor of love because these kids can't communicate well, and art is an amazing way for them to express themselves. Seeing that in action is just the best! I also like bringing posters of famous paintings to the classrooms of at-risk kids, who aren't exposed to any of that. It's so fun, there are no wrong answers for a change, and the observations and dialogue is great.

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