The Canopy at 900 North Michigan Shops

The Canopy at 900 North Michigan Shops

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The Canopy at Chicago's iconic upscale retail destination 900 North Michigan Shops was unveiled in late 2017 as a key part of a major reimagining of the 465,000 square foot shopping center. Leaders from 900 North Michigan Shops engaged creative agency Leviathan soon thereafter—to continue building and evolving a customized library of themed experiential content, designed to elevate shopper experiences to new heights. Today, both companies are proud to reveal the latest wave of artistry, while shining more light on their ongoing creative collaborations.

"Our success is built upon delivering exceptional customer experiences, and The Canopy provides us another powerful, creative means for fostering those," began 900 North Michigan Shops' Senior Director of Marketing, Stacy Kolios. "As our partner in digital design, Leviathan is equally excited about maximizing this unique, inspiring canvas, and staying true to its original artful intent. The Canopy has engendered considerable, positive responses from shoppers and tenants alike."

According to Leviathan's CEO Chad Hutson, creating visually engaging art pieces that complement the space is the standing mission. "Our primary focus is on creating captivating new video that augments the existing media system and architectural design of this iconic anchor to Chicago's Magnificent Mile," Hutson explained. "This high-profile development has a well-defined brand aesthetic, and an intuitive understanding of their guests and the ambiance they expect. Leveraging the attractive powers of The Canopy's unique tapestry of screens in this opulent setting is exactly the type of challenge we live for."

To create its customized, Ultra-HD screenworks, Leviathan begins with concept and look development – storyboarding and test-rendering its best ideas to assess any potential issues. Those include a variety of display parameters across The Canopy's array, as well as audience perspectives to avoid anything too jarring or vertigo-inducing. Once approved, productions shape-up quickly.

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