Canadian Flag Site-Specific Installation

Canadian Flag Site-Specific Installation

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In July, Udo Schliemann, principal creative director at Entro (Toronto) completed work on an art installation commissioned by Oxford Properties Group for their WaterPark Place building to honor Canada Day 2018. Schliemann's representation of the Canadian Flag uses the existing wooden louvers high up in the east lobby of Waterpark Place and the two-story void underneath.

The flag was rendered using one-inch-wide, white and red, polyethylene ribbons, each five meters in length. A total of 50,000 meters of ribbons were used to create the three-dimensional effect. The location of the installation benefits from the skylight above, which projects ever-changing lighting effects onto the ribbons. Visitors can experience the three-dimensional installation not only from below, but also at different levels as they pass by, either up or down on the escalators.

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