Call for References: Collection of Indoor Detail Design

Call for References: Collection of Indoor Detail Design

Hello SEGD!

The SEGD Beijing Chapter is working on a new book “Collection of Indoor Detail Design—Public Building Wayfinding Signage System", initiated by the China Architect Design Research Institute, Beijing Architect University, and Beijing ShiYu Four-Dimension Wayfinding System Planning &Designing Co., Ltd. This book is jointly prepared and published by the China Architect Industry Publishing House and Indoor Design  Branch  Institute  of  China  Architect Institute.

This book will cover office, education, exhibition, theater, medical, sports, commercial and traffic buildings. The main contents derive from architect space, operational process, signage system and maintenance etc. Emphasis will be on wayfinding system as one of the key supporting work of indoor design for public buildings and indoor space, and highlights the wayfinding system planning and design demands, principles, design process and methods. This book is an important tool for professionals such as indoor designers, wayfinding designers, and signage engineers.

We are collecting references from office, education, exhibition, theatre, medical, commercial and traffic buildings, the materials can be both/either drawings and/or on-site photos.

Click on this link to get full information for submission.

Please send all materials to our contact person Ms. Duo Wang. We will select and confirm with the designers if their material will be accepted and published in the book. The designer’s information will be published together with their references.

Contact person: Ms.Duo Wang
Tel. +86 139 1034 1877
E-mail: [email protected] Deadline for sending material is 15th April 2020.

ShiYu Editing Team
Jingjing Li

Co-chair of SEGD Beijing Chapter 


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