Calgary Airport

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Entro began working with Dialog in 2007, when they were looking at expansion plans and master planning on the new terminal. As the project progressed, we identified areas that needed to be modified such as the renumbering of gates and the signage for the Compact Transit System. A key objective that Entro had was to create a truly seamless system for passengers, from the roads leading to the airport to their final boarding time. In an extensive preconstruction research and testing process, Entro observed passengers to determine whether individuals could easily and quickly understand information on signage. They also did flow studies to find out how passengers naturally moved through the terminal, allowing them to understand the optimal placement of signage. Entro also spoke with passengers and airport staff to find out the major issues and “pain points” that could be solved with an updated wayfinding and signage plan. Calgary’s unique call-to-gate system required Flight Information Displays, gate podiums and gate identification to work cohesively and comprehensively throughout the entire airport. To achieve this, each must be highly visible and strategically located in an area where passengers are likely to look for information. Extensive research was performed on best practices for sorting information on Flight Information Displays at major international hubs. Passengers now spend less time looking at these displays, due to specific color contrasts and well-planned information hierarchies. For the concourses and gates, Entro provided clear, bold and easily readable signage. For the YYC Link signage, Entro referenced how major subway systems provide wayfinding information, finding that the graphic language of signage was used to help define which way someone was going. Following our research, for the naming of stations we developed A Station, B Station and C Station and used white, grey and red signage and different shape sizes and colors to indicate the passenger’s position within the larger system.

Design Firms: 



Calgary Airport

Project Area: 

2,000,000 sq ft

Open Date: 

October 2016

Photo Credits: 

Jason Dziver, Entro

Design Team: 

Wayne McCutcheon (Partner in Charge), Chris Herringer (Associate), Gord Mactaggart (Project Manager), Leah Ferguson (Designer), Raymundo Pavan (Designer)


Dialog (architect for International Facilities Project), GEC Architects (Compact Transit System), YYC


Knight Signs, Swift Signs

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