Bunting Adds New Paint Line

Bunting Adds New Kynar coating line

Bunting Graphics Inc.(Verona, Penn.) has added a new liquid Kynar coating line that allows the finishing of large prefabricated products and unitized panel systems instead of single parts or extrusions, significantly increasing throughput in the painting operation.

The new Bunting system can coat parts up to 6 ft. wide by 9 ft. high by 30-ft. long with a maximum weight of 2,400 pounds. The line, located at Bunting's main manufacturing facility, consists of 300 ft. of overhead conveyor, a series of advanced paint booths, and the largest cure oven in North America, says Josh Bunting, president.

Painting operations are typically bottle necks for fabricators, explains Bunting. The number of pieces coated per day depends on the size and shape of the parts as well as the workload. Bunting's new line significantly speeds part throughput. “A good example would be 4- by 8-ft. sign cabinets. With the new paint line, we can coat 600 per eight-hour shift. This example equates to around 300 gallons of paint and primer per shift,” says Ralph Stehle, senior project planner at Bunting. The Bunting line permits operation at set temperatures and speeds that will not deform large prefabricated assemblies or full-size sheet goods. Many commercially available paint lines operate at higher temperatures, causing the prefabricated parts to deform and welds to fail, creating costly rework and schedule delays.

Bunting’s new capability has opened up new opportunities as the company now sells its excess paint capacity via toll coating services to glass and glazing contractors, metal panel fabricators and perforated sheet suppliers. The company also offers a full menu of fabrication services including laser cutting, welding, perforating and routing.  


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