Bulthaup Toronto Presents Cave Art by Udo Schliemann

Bulthaup Toronto Presents Cave Art by Udo Schliemann

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Principal Creative Director at Entro (Toronto), Udo Schliemann, recently completed an art installation at high-end kitchen design showroom bulthaup (Toronto). In Schliemann's artist's statement, he writes:

"The window display at bulthaup Toronto is a reinterpretation of ancient cave art. From a distance, the white circular forms seem at first to be snowflakes, but as you approach and take a closer look, they reveal the negative imprints of hands in a variety of forms—adult’s, children’s, left and right. The stencils are sprayed from the inside and outside of the showroom, and the glass transforms the work by creating different tints of white and the perception of depth from the outside.

Immediately, the hands speak to us, and cause us to question their appearance. Passersby become curious, asking questions like what is the meaning of them and who left these prints here? Despite these unanswered questions, there is something mystical and almost gripping about them, similar to the fascination one has when viewing their historic predecessor’s. Perhaps they serve as a reminder that the holiday season is about family, community and being together; a reminder not to lose sight of this fact amongst the shopping craze this time of the year. 

The installation at bulthaup is quite fitting, as the decorated caves were—like the modern-day kitchen—also places where people gathered, prepared food, and ate together. Looking through bulthaup’s windows on a cold winter day and seeing the warm light inside, you can almost imagine the early hunters sitting with their clan around the fire, eating and enjoying each other’s company. The handprints also relate to the highly skilled craftsmen in bulthaup Germany, where each piece of a kitchen is carefully manufactured (‘manus’ lat. for ‘hand’) and assembled, placing skill and experience at the centre of the work.

With purpose, this installation leaves open many unanswered questions and something for the imagination to explore. It serves as a reminder of the wonderful existence of our world and the many mysteries that are a part of it."

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