Building EGD for Bric House

Poulin + Morris (New York) created a dynamic environmental graphics, donor recognition, and wayfinding sign program for BRIC House by deconstructing the organization's existing parallelogram logotype into a variety of planes, perspectives, and dimensions. Directories, identification, and signs dramatically ascend walls and wrap around corners and doorframes. Wayfinding information displayed on walls overlaps nearby doors, ensuring that information is always fully readable whether the doors are opened or closed. The name "Stoop" is boldly laid out on an upward diagonal on the steps of the lobby's amphitheater—fully legible from certain vantage points and appearing as a decorative pattern from others. Consistent with the shapes and colors of the environmental graphics, a donor recognition program features cast resin panels displaying donor information on a three-dimensional, honeycomb-patterned grid.

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