Building a Digital Experience Dream Team at DesignX

What do Charlie’s Angels, Sherlock and Watson and the 1992 U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team have to do with designing high-impact customer experiences? Just like fighting crime and shooting hoops, creating great digital projects requires a Dream Team. Will Ayers, Selbert Perkins Design, and Gregory Neely, Forge Media + Design, will show you how at DesignX—March 15-16 at Digital Sign Expo 2016!

Will Ayers, Principal at Selbert Perkins Design Collaborative, has extensive experience as a creative/art director, designer, manager and production supervisor on SPD projects, and has been involved in the overall management and design of projects in the U.S., the Middle East/North Africa and Asia. He’s currently directing SPD’s digital wayfinding project for San Diego International Airport.

Gregory Neely, founding Principal of Forge Media + Design (Toronto), focuses his work on creating compelling and memorable audience experiences. He has led his firm’s work in experiential branding and design including web, mobile, environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding, digital media installations and interactive content for a broad spectrum of clients.

Will Ayers gave a sneak preview of the pair’s upcoming presentation at DesignX at Digital Sign Expo 2016. 

When it comes to putting together a project team for digital wayfinding, for example, what makes digital projects different than traditional ones?
Dynamic wayfinding projects, for example, add a further level of complexity to layer onto the traditional signage and wayfinding projects. We don’t suggest completely replacing traditional permanent signage, but harmonizing the elements together.

What lessons have you learned about how to put together a digital project team -- or what NOT to do?
Creating a successful, cohesive digital team takes on the same parameters as a traditional wayfinding team. When choosing partners to create a digital team, we strive to find consultants with very specific expertise for each particular project.

How do you align team members with the UX objectives of the project?
Within the discovery phase of the project, the entire team charettes concepts and ideas. Once the concept is finalized, the UX designers build the layouts and platforms.

Can you give us one important tip about working with multi-disciplinary project teams?
Definitely. One of the most important aspects of team building is choosing the best consultants in the world for their specific niche expertise.

Will you be talking about specific recent SPD projects that included digital components?
Yes, we’ll be speaking about our recently commenced San Diego Airport Dynamic Directory Wayfinding project. We’ll also touch upon some of our large-scale international projects.

Join Will, Greg and other digital design leaders at DesignX!

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