Briana Metzger

Briana Metzger, RLR Associates

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Briana Metzger is a Junior Visual Designer at RLR Associates, Inc.  Briana received a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Visual Communications from Herron School of Art + Design. RLR Associates has developed Briana Metzger's understanding of professionalism in the design field, and she had the opportunity of working with clients from both municipal, and non-profit sectors on web design, and branding projects. In addition, she had the chance to redesign a website for the RLR design firm.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Briana Metzger found a passion for partaking in community service and people-centered design projects around the city. As a deep thinker concerned about the future of her community, she always contemplates how her art and design skillset fits into invoking positive action. Everyday, her community is victimized by harmful issues lacking immediate attention. Finding opportunities where she can apply art and design towards greater awareness of threatening issues such as gun violence, climate change, and insufficient access to healthcare is her ultimate goal.

As a Youth Tree Team Leader at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Briana Metzger ensured all the trees in her group were properly cared for and helped build a conductive group vibe among her group members. She was able to collaborate on efficiency strategies by establishing a safe and respectful environment.

View more of Briana Metzger's work at RLR Associates, and view her portfolio website. Connect with Briana on LinkedInand Twitter.

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