BrandCulture's Leigh Tinkler Q&A

BrandCulture's Leigh Tinkler Q&A

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Recently, experiential graphic design and communication firm, BrandCulture (Sydney) posted a Q&A with their Operations Manager, Leigh Tinkler. Tinkler has been with the firm since 2010, but before developing a passion for design, she traveled the globe as a professional dancer, performing with well-known acts like Robbie Williams and Cher. 

"I have a complete appreciation of all things created, documented, made and seen," say Tinkler. "The whole process of design—starting from a conversation to an idea, a vision through to manufacturing and overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way—is absolutely mind-blowing." In the interview, BrandCulture spoke to Tinkler about her amazing experiences in life before joining the firm and how they have shaped her approach to running a thriving design studio today. 

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