Brandculture Weaves Tales of the Raceway Inside Oran Park Library

Brandculture Weaves Tales of the Raceway Inside Oran Park Library (image: signage)

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BrandCulture recently unveiled raceway-inspired wayfinding designs at Oran Park Library that pay tribute to Oran Park Raceway’s spills and thrills. For 48 years, Oran Park Raceway was home to thundering events from the V8 Supercars and superbike championships to the Australian Grand Prix.

In 2010, the raceway closed to make way for Oran Park Town, an award-winning master-planned community in southwestern Sydney. Oran Park Library now sits at the heart of Oran Park Town and was designed by Brewster Hjorth Architects. Working with Brewster Hjorth Architects, BrandCulture set out to design signage and placemaking features that weave the story of Oran Park Raceway into the built environment so that future generations feel connected to its past.

“There are tributes to Oran Park’s racing heritage at every turn. Even the directories mimic the curves of Oran Park’s infamous circuit with rounded corners and sharp orange edges that corner the walls themselves. From racing stripes to a slanting, speeding typeface, our graphics are inspired by the guts and passion it took to win at Oran Park Raceway as well as the bold shapes and colors of race cars and the bends and straights of the track itself,” says Nick Bannikoff, design director at BrandCulture.

BrandCulture’s designers trawled through hundreds of historic photos to represent all the different kinds of races that took place at Oran Park from night racing to motocross. These images are now reproduced as super-sized wall graphics inside the library’s meeting spaces. Oran Park Library recently won the prestigious Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Outstanding Community Project of 2018. The library design was a combined effort between Camden Council, Landcom, Greenfields and Brewster Hjorth.

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