BrandCulture Sticks the Landing for Atlassian

Atlassian by brandculture

BrandCulture'slatest branding and environmental graphics project for Atlassian pays tribute to the company’s clients using thousands of pixelated colored squares, each one painstakingly positioned by hand.

Atlassian is the shining star of Australia’s start-up sector, growing by around 40% every year. It attracts incredible clients – the likes of eBay, Coca-Cola, Visa, BMW and NASA – by always putting the customer first and creating products that facilitate productivity, and creativity.

In Sydney, Atlassian is located across two 1920s buildings above Martin Place. With views of the CBD, a fully-stocked kitchen, pool room, gamers’ lounge, and areas for working collaboratively in teams or autonomously, Atlassian’s many rooms are linked by a single long corridor – and it was BrandCulture’s job to bring this narrow space to life.

Atlassian needed an immediate solution for this historic corridor, which stretches from reception down the length of the building. The graphics needed to reflect the company’s values without damaging the heritage tiles beneath.

To adorn the walls of the corridor, BrandCulture sourced a material that adheres to anything but can also be removed easily: Yupo Octopus Synthetic Suction Paper stock, an ingenious paper that uses static suction to stay in place.

The BrandCulture team printed over 5,000 squares of color and set out to design a mural that quietly celebrates Atlassian’s leadership in the tech space and its 60,000+ clients.

Then they rolled up their sleeves and began sticking the squares to the wall, one pixel at a time.

Read more about this project here.

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