Brandculture Rolls Out Wayfinding for Macquarie University with PAM

macquarie university

Macquarie University needed help rolling out a campus-wide wayfinding strategy that facilitates its shift to a pedestrian-only environment at the center of campus, and supports its 2014 Campus Master Plan.

Macquarie University asked BrandCulture to leverage their wayfinding expertise to implement the university's signage manual, designed by Citizen Group. Brandculture conducted in-depth user journey mapping to test the proposed signage system in real-world situations and set out to provide an improved user experience based on site observations and audit outcomes, implementing the university’s signage system on-the-ground in collaboration with PAM Wayfinding.

Moving around campus is now a very different experience. Instead of locating buildings using confusing acronyms like E7A, Brandculture helped Macquarie introduce suburban-style addresses, like University Avenue and Wally’s Walk, to facilitate navigation.

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