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Bringing brands to life. BrandCulture Communications is an award-winning design consultancy that works with clients across three key disciplines to ensure their brands live in the hearts and minds of their employees, stakeholders and customers.

To increase engagement, brands need to demonstrate – not just communicate – their positioning, values and heritage. BrandCulture Communications help you do just that by creating unique opportunities for people to connect with your brand.

While we are strong in brand research, strategy and identity design, our speciality is creating brand experiences that build brand equity, increase employee engagement and improve customer experience. Please explore our services, view some of our work or find out which leading brands we’ve worked with.

BrandCulture Communications think you should know these seven facts about who we are, what we do and how we do it:

#1 We’re strong strategically and expansive creatively.
BrandCulture Communications's work stands out not only because it’s original but also because it makes good business sense. The brand identities we design and the branded environments we create build brand equity and deliver tangible return on investment.

#2 Cross-discipline is our religion.
Most design and branding agencies are strong in one discipline. So you usually have to engage and coordinate multiple agencies to apply your brand experience across multiple touch-points. This can lead to a lack of conceptual depth, breath and integrity. We’re different; we take a cross-disciplinary approach. Our portfolio of skills includes research, brand strategy, graphic design, product and industrial design, wayfinding and more. We don’t like lazy design.

#3 We thrive on great design.
We start with an open mind. There are always lots of questions, but we make sure they’re the right ones. Next, we come up with great ideas that connect with people and distinguish you from your competition. Then, we work hard to deliver solutions that are effective and timeless. The process is simple, but not easy.

#4 We enjoy pushing the envelope.
We see every new project not only as a fresh opportunity to apply our collective expertise on familiar grounds but also as a chance to venture into new territory and uncover its hidden potential.

#5 What’s in a name?
Our name expresses what we’re all about: Using innovative and effective design to influence the attitudes, feelings, values and behaviour of your employees, stakeholders and customers to create a genuine “brand culture”.

#6 We’re small and proud of it.
BrandCulture Communications employs a core team of industry leaders and create working groups depending on project needs. Because we’re a small firm, we are agile, responsive and flexible enough to focus on your immediate needs. We innovate constantly as we hit obstacles and work with you to produce results on schedule. Our close-knit and dedicated team constantly pushes the boundaries to bring ingenious ideas to realisation.

#7 About Stephen Minning.
BrandCulture Communications' founder, Stephen Minning, has been pioneering branded environments and wayfinding systems for over a decade. His wealth of international experience encompasses business and marketing strategy, graphic design and a comprehensive understanding of production capabilities.


A Read for Speed—Oran Park Library (image: front of library building)
A Read for Speed—Oran Park Library

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