Bob Jacobson

Bob Jacobson
Tuscon, AZ

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I'm currently (April 2020) focused on bringing broadband internet service to the region (Southern Arizona's Santa Cruz County) and locality (the hamlet of Patagona and its neighbors) -- where I live and broadband doesn't. However, when called on by other actors for more complex challenges I do my best to serve.

Volunteer Activities
Been an SEGD member since the golden days of the 1980s and 1990s, when the experiential design profession was but a twinkle in a few of our eyes. Worked largely with experiential technologies (now generically categorized as XR). Now into studying innovation and writing about futures in which it's encouraged and futures in which it's stifled. Also, toying with creating a global innovation platform for working with "emerging technologies of experience" modeled on the USENET newsgroup, sci.virtual-worlds, that I created and moderated in the 90s with interactive-gaming whiz Mark Deloura -- the initial foundation for today's vibrant XR community. Interested? Drop me a line.

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