Bluecadet's Play at the National Baseball Hall of Fame

bluecadet baseball hall of fame

For the Cooperstown, N.Y.-based National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s Whole New Ballgame exhibit, digital agency Bluecadet created an interactive display to bring baseball fans deeper into the game. The Hall of Fame and Bluecadet installed five interactive feedback stations inviting visitors to learn about – and weigh in on – hot-button baseball subjects.

With a few taps on a touchscreen, museum guests can participate in debates designed to simultaneously engage and educate visitors. At the end of the segment, participants learn where they fall on the debate spectrum and how many other fans share their opinion. Fans from all over weigh in on #DiamondDebates and Bluecadet integrated Twitter comments into the onsite interactive screens.

In addition to interactive debate surfaces, the Whole New Ballgame exhibit features a massive interactive video jukebox queued up with film from decades of baseball for fans to select, watch and watch again. To help visitors find their favorite historic, emotional, hilarious and unforgettable moments, Bluecadet built four enormous interactive video displays – each made of four 55-inch screens unified by an IR frame and a thin glass surface that registers touch across the entire wall.

Since baseball’s history is anything but over, these screens – and Bluecadet's exhibit’s interactive kiosks – are built on a custom CMS that allows the Hall of Fame team to keep them updated – inning after inning, season after season. The staff can seamlessly create new questions and debate topics and add new footage to the screens as they expand the Museum’s video library.

Thanks to Bluecadet, museum visitors in Cooperstown can get in the game, make the tough calls and learn a few things along the way.

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