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2017 SEGD Conference Chair Anna Sharp on Why You Should Attend

I’ve attended every conference since the New Orleans Conference in 2005. That first year, I clearly remember how shocked I was that everyone in the room understood what I did for a living. I immediately forged a bond with so many of the people I met, and to this day, I continue to attend year-after-year in order to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and gain inspiration.

This year’s event will be no exception.

When I was first approached to chair the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami,I imagined the draw for everyone would be the amazing weather and location. As a New Yorker who suffers through cold weather, it certainly was my first thought.

Upon digging in and learning more about the designers and projects occurring both in Miami and South America, I was impressed by how much design innovation and expertise we could feature.

Of course, having the opportunity to hear Lance Wyman share about his design process is always an honor. I am also thrilled to be able to hear the diversity of perspectives from individuals like leading architect Sean Scensor from Moshe Safdie Architects, leading landscape architect Isabel Castilla from James Corner Field Operations and design innovators like Mary Spio and Eric Goldemburg.

In developing the programming,our goal was to inspire attendees on all fronts—from prototyping to learning from failure, from being an entrepreneur to ownership transitions, from sea level rise and the impact on design to creating a new urban landscape and corresponding signage below a Metrorail.

This year’s Design Improv(e) session holds a special place in my heart as we have the opportunity to design signs for the flagship location, Lotus Village, of the Lotus Endowment Fund, a nonprofit focused on providing shelter and support services to over 500 homeless women, youth and children in Greater Miami.

Because you’ll be so busy meeting new people and getting inspired, you might forget we’re in Miami. But you can’t beat the location. Our beautiful, fully newly renovated hotel is right on the beach with a beautiful pool and is only a block from the shopping district, Lincoln Road.

The Experience Miami Toursfeature the best the city has to offer: Art Deco, Sports Venues, Architecture, Design Innovation, and the Arts—not to mention the incredible opportunity to take a boat ride out to the condemned Stiltsville homes.

If you’ve attended an SEGD Conference before, you know what I mean when I talk about the inspiration and opportunities to reconnect. If you’ve never attended, then this is your year.

From the very first time I attended the New Orleans Conference in 2005, I have found the SEGD community to be incredibly welcoming, supportive and genuine. I have continuously been moved by what I hear from the presenters, the NEXPOexhibitors and the people I meet.

I am excited for what awaits all of us at the Miami Conference—and I hope you are too!

Anna Crider-Sharp
2017 SEGD Conference Chair


Join Anna at the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami, June 8–10. Register now!


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