What Are Your Secret (or Not-so-Secret) Talents?

What Are Your Secret (or Not-so-Secret) Talents?

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The SEGD Summer 2020 line-up includes our first virtual annual Achievement Awards Celebration and Auction for Excellence, which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24 from 6:00 - 8:30 PM EDT. That's only a few very short weeks away!

Instead of the usually cool and quirky items that reflect the local culture and community of the conference location, this year we are offering experiences—once in a lifetime opportunities to connect directly with SEGD’s award-winning members, young designers and industry partners—and do something together. 

So here's the ask: Bring us your ideas for one-of-a-kind experiences. Funny, exciting, educational, entertaining and totally NOT mainstream ideas are highly encouraged! 

Need some examples? Here are some hypotheticals:

  • We’ve heard that Virginia Gehshan bakes some great cookies. So, we’d auction a baking session with her and then, she’d send off a batch of those cookies to that very lucky individual! 
  • Maybe a lucky art-loving bidder could receive a lesson in watercolors from Wayne Hunt, or sculpt with Jan Lorenc! 
  • More of a crafty person? We'd bet SEGD veteran Ann Makowski would share the secrets of sock puppetry with the highest bidder. 
  •  Bryan Meszaros knows a thing or two about producing a podcast—maybe he can make someone's dreams of pod fame come true.
  • Virtual house tours, art tours, "Ask Me Anything" sessions, dog training, cooking lessons, hand writing analysis, you name it! 


What are some of your secret/not-so-secret talents that are you willing to share as a "master class" or other unforgettable auction-able experience?

Send ideas to [email protected] by Monday, June 8th. 

Special thanks to DCL for sponsoring the 2020 SEGD Achievement Awards and DESIGNTEX for their sponsorship support in making this first virtual Auction for Excellence amazing!

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