A Week Seen Through My Lens

A Week Seen Through My Lens

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Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design...

A visual blog by Lucy Holmes,

Globally, for the first time, we are all experiencing a disruption to our lives that we could never have imagined. My mantra for this year was already "to hold my nerve." I could not have predicted how relevant that has come to be. 

Out of chaos, though, there is always a positive: Email has really died down as a mode of communication. I am "seeing" people more than ever, and relationships have shifted in such a lovely way. 

Like everyone, my one walk a day has become something I really look forward to and can no longer take for granted. It struck me that I could become the focus of a design by mapping my routes. Each day, I try to create a new graphic image by walking in a different direction—as much as possible—always having to start and finish in the same place. Here are the last nine walks as I self-isolate, running the studio from home.

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