A Week Seen Through My Lens

A Week Seen Through My Lens

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Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design...

A visual blog by Lucy Holmes,

Alan Fletcher of Pentagram fame and general design genius made a book called "The Art of Looking Sideways." I love finding something in the unexpected.

These four images make me laugh every time I see them. Clockwise from the top left: making a few killer Gin and Tonics I had placed the unused halves of a lemon and a limed face down on the cutting mat; on a long-haul flight back from Hong Kong, while trying to fall a sleep, it struck me that the bulkhead lights and air vents looked like the face of an American Football player; at a meeting with a lovely client, I noticed the thermostat on the wall as I was leaving—its expression rather matched how I felt about the client; and finally making an omelette I was about to bash the eggs in my mixing bowl when I spotted this cartoon like figure that reminded me of Marvin the Martian.

Happy 2020 from me with a big smile as I launch my new design chapter with www.holmes-studio.com.

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