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Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design…

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A current preoccupation is colour (or color in US English). I don’t know the percentage, but I have worked with many graphic designers who are colour blind. It has made for some lively discussions and decision making over the years.

The colour spectrum is infinite and choice can often be a painful part of the design process. Our eyes see something and then tell our brains it’s a certain colour, but what we all see is to some degree, unique. It is language that helps us communicate what we see; my version of "blue" may be very different to yours, but we will generally agree on "blue." 

Three recent exhibition visits have provided fantastic research material for something I am working on at the moment (The Serpentine Pavilion, The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern). Colour is all about perception. 

This has reminded me of the first time I looked through a loupe, while on press with a professional project in 1991, and completely understood the light and the layering of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. CMYK and the subtraction of colours works in print but we have had to learn the opposite in RGB with the additive combination. Simply put, If you overlay colours on screen (RGB) they collectively create white. If you overlay colours with ink on paper (CMYK) they make black.

It's an obvious fact to many, but interesting to drill down into working across different media. I am seeing combinations, tones and textures with much more intensity and enjoying the science that underpins the dialogue between our eyes and our brains.

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