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A Week Seen Through My Lens—Lucy Holmes' Blog

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Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design…

A visual blog by Lucy Holmes

This collection of things I’ve seen are all about texture and shapes. I’m currently working on a project that challenges how we "see" things. As a collection, there is a richness in color, but more importantly they are visual references for my work. 

A dear friend gave me these two cars made from old food tins; I love them. They shouldn’t work, but the graphics on the tins create a fabulous car livery design—even on the wheels. 

The shattered paint work seemed to fit with the fixing marks of the "67," and the "space invaders" being used to identity future floor levels on building sites in London at the moment make me smile.

Then, there are lots of circles: the stage set at the theatre where I saw Hugh Bonneville in Shadowlands, the "6" in this beautiful sign I found near Bath School of Design where I am teaching, the fish's eye, the raised safety dots on the tube platform surface and the two intriguing sketches created by Ebenezer Howard in the book I am reading, "’To-morrow, A Peaceful Path to Real Reform." 

In the 1890’s, the author Howard traveled to America and was inspired by the rebuilding of Chicago, and, in 1899 he founded the Garden City Association. He believed that the solution to overcrowding and poor conditions in modern industrial towns was to produce new planned communities which created a "joyous union’" of town and country. The goal of the garden city was to combine the attractions of town life and access to nature and a healthier lifestyle. 

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