A Week Seen Through My Lens

A Week Seen Through My Lens—Lucy Holmes

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Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design…

A visual blog by Lucy Holmes

I don’t usually do repeat visits to exhibitions; I get visually saturated quite quickly. The Annie Albers exhibition at Tate Modern recently drew me back—four times.

At a conference in Copenhagen this week someone introduced me to the term "aesthetically nourishing." What an emotive statement. The Annie Albers show did this in spades.

"As a female student at the radical Bauhaus art school, Albers was discouraged from taking up certain classes. She enrolled in the weaving workshop and made textiles her key form of expression.”

When I was taught the craft of my trade at RISD in the late 80s and early 90s we focused on these disciplines: typography, grid, color and composition—they collectively became our toolkit to translate an idea graphically. We did the same exercises over and over again, hour after hour, until it became second nature. I am eternally grateful for the patience and skill of our teachers forcing us, sometimes painfully, to keep going until it was ingrained.

These images are details from Albers work giving such a generous insight into her creative process and the connection she made to art, architecture and design. Her ability to create a unique but not uniform composition was just brilliant. Her discipline to edit an idea to its essence. Each piece is a little bit of genius.

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