User Research, Interaction, and Experience Design in 2015 SEGD Academic Journal

The 2015 issue of SEGD’s academic research journal Communication + Placecovers research on user engagement through signage design, an interdisciplinary approach to packaging design, the interplay between people and public art, and how EGD/XGD can activate small-town business districts.

Communication + Place 2015 is available onlineand the 2016 Call for Papers has been issued.

The 2015 issue includes research on an interdisciplinary approach to packaging design (Todd Timney and Peter Chamberlain, University of Cincinnati); the interplay between people and public art (Lianne Wappett, University of Idaho); using environmental graphic design to activate small-town business districts (Lisa Fontaine, Iowa State University); leveraging customer loyalty data to improve the customer service experience (Andrea Fineman, Carnegie Mellon); and using signage design to encourage user interaction on a university campus (Wu Duan and Xu Ran, Tongji University).

Communication + Place is the official research journal of the Experiential Graphic Design community. Launched online in 2014, the peer-reviewed journal features articles from academics and design practitioners whose work is advancing the EGD/XGD profession through creative research, curriculum development, project reviews, and user-centric testing.

The 2016 Call for Papers extends through March 4, 2016. SEGD seeks papers documenting design research, academic innovation, and student design excellence. Potential papers should address the educational, institutional, technological, social, and cultural issues relevant to Experiential Graphic Design, encompassing environmental graphic and information design, exhibition design, wayfinding and signage design, branding, interactive and immersive environments, and technology integration. Submissions will be reviewed by the SEGD Academic Committee and chosen papers will be presented at the 2016 SEGD Academic Summit June 8 in Seattle, the day before the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle June 9-11.

Download the Call for Papershere.

See the 2015 issue of Communication + Placehere.

(Image: From "SEGD Core Competencies and Subsequent Implications for Professional Practice,"Communication + Place 2014, by Anne H. Berry, University of Notre Dame)

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